{Fix} Solutions For Megabox HD Not Working, No Connection And Cannot Download

Megabox HD Not Working: Megabox HD is an app that is available for all platforms and it lets you watch movies, TV shows for free and in a legal way. The megabox HD app is not available in play store because of several issues and restrictions.

But no problem: MEGABOXHD download link here

With the recent update, the megabox hd stopped working and raised many queries like :

Megabox HD no connection

Megabox HD not working

Megabox HD cannot download

and various other queries.

{Fix} Solutions For Megabox HD Not Working, No Connection And Cannot Download:

The answer to all of them is that because of the server problem. And your connection as well. Here are separate reasons and cause for the problem.

Megabox HD no connection :  Megabox HD needs a reliable connection to run on. So there might be a problem in your data connection or there might be a problem with your Wi-Fi too.

megabox hd no connection not working Megabox HD Not Working

Megabox HD no connection: This is the problem or message you get when you use the old version of the Megabox HD app. The Megabox HD servers are updated and redirected to their latest version of their app. So you should download their latest version of the app and use so as to enjoy some free contents.

Megabox HD cannot download / Not working :  MegaboxHD cannot be download is a problem that occurred when they updated their app and changed their servers. Their latest link on their homepage works fine with no bugs and other issues. This was a temporary problem during the update process.

The Megabox HD app not working, Megabox HD cannot download and other problems have been sorted and fixed. The final app & working app can be found and downloaded for free from their main website. Sit back and enjoy watching latest movies and TV Episodes for free by using Megabox HD App.


Megabox HD


  1. hi
    when downloaded onto fire stick, i cant select any movie its like my remote not working but it works with any other app
    any ideas

  2. One of my favorite shows , the episode is only 1 minute 40 sec. long and two of them have sound issues . Can these be rectified ? The Musketeers season 1 episodes 9 and 10 (sound) Season 2 episode 1 length issue .
    Thanks .
    The Musketeers

  3. Cannot watch or download the newest movies older posted movies can watch and download using galaxy note 4….help

  4. I’ve used Megabox without any issues since February of this year… up until now. Everything works up until the point where I go to play the video n it says “cannot play this video”… so I’m looking for the update.

  5. “none of the movies are working just says unavailable” – from Tom . Have the same problem – have recently just watched The Killing Joke now cant get any movies to download with error message saying not available – atho tv shows are fine. Any update ? Cheers

  6. I have not been able to download anything from Megabox HD on my wifi. No changes to my wifi or connection have been made. Megabox HD will allow to download on my 4g network but takes foreverrrrrr ..
    Anyone else having the same issue ??

  7. Power off your cable modem and router and then turn them back on. That is what worked for me.

    • All worked well yesterday when I posted this, but today it was dead in the water again. I cleared my cache and it is working again.

      Good luck guys

  8. I am having same problem. But it plays if i go in to rating . everything works on 3g . This is really fustrating. Shoebox works fine on my phone but megamovie is not. Deleted the cache on nearly anything to do with google still not working but did the same thing to my wife’s phone and gets is perfect.

  9. I’ve tried most of your suggestions ain fixing my megabox HD connection, but I still get the notice I can’t play this video. Help!

  10. I installed cromecast2 on my friends system and everything is working for him. I can’tell get anything to work. I have reinstalled allcast and megabox and bought a new chromecast2 and nothing works. His is working though.

    • Try using local cast from the play store. On the Chromecast there is a reset ,use this then see if it works with local cast. I gave up on mega box and use showbox .

  11. I have had the app for sometime. Recently best I can describe ever since you guys around the time uploaded now you can You See Me 2 or whatever the name of that movie is I haven’t been able to download any movies this is on my Android deleted everything of megabox HD redownload it the version 1.0.2 I have I can’t get nothing no more are you guys having a update issue or what’s the deal

    • I’m having same problem. Could download anything until last week. But now can not download. Any idea??

  12. I can download TV series but no movies. I can’t even watch movies. There is a major slap down on free movie sites.

    Showbox works for movies but downloading creates parts…. part 1 part2 etc.

    So right now I use megabox to download TV series and showbox to watch movies. You gotta use what you can.

  13. I have Megabox hd on rockbox most tv episodes or movies are now saying can’t play this video have you come up with a solution? Or why it happens for some and not others

      • The best test if it will play is to go to the download option and see what quality options it gives you. If you get only 360p and 720p, it will play. But when you get 3 options such as 720p, 480p and 360p, it will not play.

  14. Megabox is broken. After your first week it won’t let you download. Just playing ads. It might even be phishing for your personald data. It’s a weird app that sets your android devices using up too much processing/battery power.

    • The best test if it will play is to go to the download option and see what quality options it gives you. If you get only 360p and 720p, it will play. But when you get 3 options such as 720p, 480p and 360p, it will not play.

    • It’s random. Nothing to do with new or old. When you see it available in more than 2 quality (eg 360, 480 & 720) it will not work. Sometimes after a few days, they get fixed. But only sometimes. I have my suspicions about this app.

  15. just tried playing megabox hd on kindle fire I get a notice Sorry this video cannot be displayed.. ‘help

  16. Go into your ” App Permissions, then Storage Permissions ” and give MegaHD Permission

  17. Go to permissions and give Megabox permission to access storage. It’s now working for me.

  18. It keeps saying can’t play this video. Uninstalled and re-installed and nothing. Did the permissions thing and now told me to download an app but still says the same thing

  19. Was downloading tv series. Went to down load rest of it, now dont get option of download just play only? Re installed app and still same every movie and tv series is the same.

  20. When trying to download a movie, ther is no option to download, only play. When I click play, it says I need to download some player

  21. Now this app is a ” play ” only version of what use to be a great provided service, but you have to download a specific player to view them. To me it no longer makes any sense to post comments here or email the development team with issues because they don’t want to provide us with the open source of downloading, it is free to play these movies and tv shows but it was better without all the added issues that they have created for the users with the updates they have chosen for us. I enjoyed my time with the apk file and am thankful for what I DID have. But I won’t be telling any of my friends or co-workers about this service. It was fun while it lasted.

  22. When I try to watch a video it say cannot play video even with the update. I love this site please help

  23. What have you done to Megabox? No download facility anymore? Mplayer doesn’t even work, can’t cast so it is now useless.RIP.

  24. I just did download but suddenly can not download. What is the solution please help me.

  25. Megabox has failed it’s viewers. I have deleted the app thus they can’t mine my data to send spam to my email and phone….also all the adds that come up when using the app. That’s how they make money and it was acceptable until now. When they go back to downloads and casting I will come back into the fold.

    • I am totally using showbox right now. For casting you need to use localcast to cast to allcast. It can be tricky to learn but post your concerns here and I’ll help. When downloading on showbox don’t choose torrents or sever 3. 4 and 8 will give you downloads that you can download and watch whenever. Once you have the downloads you can use localcast to connect to allcast . I hope this helps

  26. the app keeps on saying “can’t play this file” on each 2016 movies.. please any solution??

  27. This app worked fine until last week now every time i put anything to download it says download unsuccesfully help me out man.

  28. I jus want to search for videos of my choice and download them but it seems impossible to do i love the app but its still needs some fine tuning but u guys rated a 9 for me

  29. hi, fantastc app but the custom button disapears sometimes,frustrated tried everything. answers anyone.

  30. I love this app, however it just stopped working. It starts up as normal but when I select the movie or tv show I wanna look at it says “can’t play video” please help!!!😢

  31. I can’t download anymore even in play , regarding with my connection is fine pls.help me this is only my enjoyment thanks a lot

  32. Same here use app great in past all of sudden its not workin old movies play but not new ones

  33. It just stopped working. It starts up as normal but when I select the movie – it says “can’t play video” please help!!!

  34. what is going on, it updated itself and now nothing works all i get i ‘ cannot play video. was all fine until few days ago……. annoyed.com

  35. Same thing can’t play video used the old and the new link and No later sucks, is there a way I could download without getting the Mplayer, please help.

  36. help. lately I can’t download any movies on megabox app. not like easy before. I try to restart my phone and re-download and it’s not work. help.

  37. help. I can’t download any movie on megabox app. not like before it’s easy working.

  38. I have a reliable connection, but it stopped working. I was working yesterday. I tried uninstalling, clear the cache, restart my phone and nothing. Still the same result

    • MegaBox died !! Why can’t you guys understand???!!! Forget it. They are all being killed one by one. Don’t get yourselves in this trap.

  39. Megabox is fantastic my only problem is that I can watch movies and series but it does not gi e me an option to download only to play.

  40. Perfect application….. what is going on….this was such a stable app until now. Please fix ASAP. ..

    Mine says it can’t load the video.

  41. I’ve had all of the above issue’s & now fed up with this shit going to delete it all one last time & find another app the updated version’s have ruined a great app

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