Download Latest Megabox HD Apk For Android Mobile/Tablets

Megabox HD APK: Megabox HD is the best application to watch latest new movies and Tv Shows and serials on your Android device. It is getting huge popularity from the last 3 months because the Megabox HD Apk application is working very well without giving any errors.

As we know that, Megabox HD application is not available in Google Play Store. So here, i will explain you how to download Megabox HD Apk file and the process of installing the Apk file successfully on your Android device. You can download Megabox HD Apk version 1.0.2 file from the links given below.

With Megabox HD Application, you can watch latest Movies and TV serials on your Android Smartphone. Megabox HD will give you best user experience. The Megabox HD app is well developed and it is very simple to navigate from one category to another.

You will definitely gonna love this wonderful app on your Android Mobile. Many Android users are facing some errors when installing Megabox HD Apk file. Here, i will show you each and every step that you have to do to install Megabox HD Apk versino 1.0.1/1.0.2/1.0.3 file successfully on Android Mobiles/Tablet.

Complete Steps To Install Megabox HD App On Android | Download Megabox HD Apk 1.0.1 App:

You just have to change some settings to install Megabox HD successfully On Android Mobile. Follow the below steps by step process to done it successfully. You can also use Megabox HD On PC using Megabox HD Apk file, know how to download Megabox HD For PC.

  • First download the Megabox HD application from the below link. Download the file directly to your mobile or you can first download it to your pc computer and then can transfer it to your mobile using a USB cable.

 Click Here To Download Latest Version

  • Find the file download location after you downloaded/transferred the file to your Android mobile using File Manager.
  • NOw go to “Settings” -> “Security” -> Turn on “Unknown sources

on unknown sources to install megabox hd apk app

  • Now go to the the directory where you saved the file and double tap on it. Click on “Install” to start the installation process.

megabox hd apk install

That is all you have to do install Megabox HD Apk file successfully on your Android device.

Megabox hd apk file installed successfully

Some users are saying that Megabox HD is not working so, if you find any errors then please let us inform. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank You.

Megabox HD


  1. downladed apk file for android install already when try to open always said unfortunately megabox hd has stopped

    • There’s a fake one and real one…
      Unsure which one this link gives…
      When it ask you a download a poor rated video player that’s the fake one! Nowadays downloading any APK could be a phone Hazzard. My phone has got some type of flu still un detectable.
      I’m here, because my newestmovie’snow, isn’t putting out videos, timely late releases. As far as the APK of this name. Be careful… I guess the real one would also feature Terrarium… If even that is real? Lol….

  2. Megabox plays fine on tablet but will not transfer to TV
    Does not ask you for option on how you want to play video

  3. I absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content for yourself? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on most of the subjects you write concerning here. Again, awesome site!

  4. After installing MegaboxHD.apk. ‘Retry error’ is coming after opening the app.

  5. App is good but every now and then I can’t seem to connect but I have very good internet.

  6. hey great app, it could be better if it had no ads and the download speeds were faster not to take away from the greatness of the app. 😉

      • hello rick, please share the link here if you really did with no ads. That will be very useful for all the app users and they all can download from here. Thank You.

        • Hi why evrytime i try to download a movie it keep sayng thati cant download it.. but b4 the old version i can easely download movie..

  7. downloaded latest megabox apk on my macbook air via bluestacks but it wont connect so cant watch anything.

    • Hello Charlotte harries, try again with droid4x or noxplayer app players on your macbook air and also check that you have a good internet speed.

      • Ive had this app for a few months and it was working find. For the last month we have been able to watch anything new. Please let me know if there is something I should try

    • Awesome news man, thanks for updating us and let us when you uploaded it. Thanks James.

  8. The site is straight but like everyone else is saying. ..got great internet, but can’t. Connect.. whats dat about

  9. No connection error …. not working at all cleared cache and reinstall nothing working 😣

  10. While downloading it says downloading unsuccessful, even though nothing is wrong with the internet. Does anyone has this situation?

  11. none of the films are working just says movie not available was working fine about a week ago think it’s your new update as I watched tarzan not long ago

  12. Great app.. for me.. its better than netflix, showbox, vidmate, tubemate,idbm etc.. its user friendly, and its FREE! ads are not annoying!

  13. I installed megabox HD however the movies will not download or play. Any suggestions
    I have a note 5 android

  14. I downloaded the new version of the app, and none of the videos will download or play, I also have the Samsung note5. Please HELP!!!!

    or is this site abandoned???
    I cannot download movies or TV shows, it keeps saying unsuccessful, if this is NOT A VALID SITE TO HAVE OUR SITUATION taken care of please tell us, so we can go elsewhere.

  16. Same here, all downloads coming up unsuccessful. Anyone at MegaBoxHD going to reply?

  17. Unable to download via the WiFi anymore. I tried it with different wifi connection but was unsuccessful. I can only download using my data. Anyone else having same problem?

  18. Need help!!! It keeps saying “can’t play this video”… This error comes up on every movie and TV show… Plz fix..

  19. The app is great but one major problem. Even when we restrict it to NOT run on cellular data, it manages to use GBs and GBs of data and if we have a limit, we get screwed. I want to use it on WiFi only.

  20. I loved this app and was using it to watch TV shows for a while but now it just keeps crashing. Help please

  21. My phone had the old version and it was doing well, then when i was ask to update to a new version, i cannot download the movies anymore, i will i do?

  22. Okay I have sent emails to the “contact us” and I have posted several comments, and while I do appreciate that this service is free, if you no longer intend to answer our questions or give us information about WHY we are experiencing these difficulties, PLEASE at least let us know that so we can as USERS of YOUR PRODUCT move on to something else. Yesterday 10/5/2016 your apk updated and now I cannot do anything with it, always says “cannot play this” please help us to figure out what the issue is.
    Thank you

  23. It tells me to download the new version so 8 do and I open it and says I still need to download the new version

    1. CHANGE YOUR MOBILE NETWORK TO CDMA, it’s the lowest setting in your settings on the note5
    2. Go into application manager and force stop the app.
    3. Make sure that the permissions for the app are set to yes on all.
    4. Clear app data
    5. Clear app cache
    Turn device off, then on again,
    Also choose the ●360● download choice, some of the newer ●740● will not download on some devices.
    Mine wasn’t working at all yesterday but I found out my permissions were set to offer.
    Hope this helps some of you get your issues resolved.
    Just an outsider trying to help out.

  25. Hi there! I have updated my megabox to the newest version but it is not working. Update was successful but when I tried to watch I get a message “The video cannot be played”. I thought its for one movie only but I tried a lot of movies and tv shows and getting the same message. I used to have the older version 1.0.2 and it was working without any issues at all and its with my android phone.
    Please let me know what I can do to make it work. Also, I tried going back to the older version but it will not work anymore because update needs to be installed.
    Appreciate your help in advance and thank you so much.

      • Hi, I tried everything you said but still getting the same message. I wish this app would work to the older version but update keeps popping on the screen. Thank you for tour help. I hope megabox can give me info on how to fix this issue.

        • Well I know how you feel, trying to get this to work for you, I hope the owners of this site and the app come help you all soon.

  26. The problem is with the permissions with the updated app, change the settings and u will be able to d\l again

    • Please clear your cache and check the check the app permissions on your device, make sure they are on YES.. that will solve your issue

    • Well it’s back to NOT downloading anything again, just started this morning.. permissions are on YES and I still can’t download. Any assistance from the megaboxhd people would be great..

  27. What’s happening? Megabox was working fine until yesterday and now it says “can’t play” to everything I try to watch.
    Thanks in advance,

  28. I was able to download 2 days ago but today cant download though permissions are granted. It says download unsuccessful. Pls advise

      • or custom to be able to cast to chrome cast

        Only option now is to play which is not good as I cant then cast to chrome cast only play on my tablet or phone.

  29. Yep we are all having the same problems now, how about we ALL go to the bottom of this thread to the “contact us ” and let’s contact them individually, instead of here , we don’t get replies from the app people here but if we go through email… MAYYYYYBEEE??

  30. WTF have you done to the App? No downloads and nothing works. You’ve destroyed completely. Back to the way it was before and quick about it.

    • Yep same

      Only option now is to play which is not good as I cant then cast to chrome cast only play on my tablet or phone.

  31. Hi, the app is not giving me an option to download any movies it just has and option to play.. is it only me or is everyone else having an issue and how to get back to downloading again.. btw great app

  32. Cant select custom or download, only play.

    Only option now is to play which is not good as I cant then cast to chrome cast only play on my tablet or phone.

    DEV fix this asap! you fked up and released this new update with a really bad bug and clearly NO TESTING PRIOR.

  33. Tried to download app on my android phone but it doesn’t show up on my home screen when it’s done downloading and it can’t be scanned

  34. WTF have you done to the App? No downloads and nothing works. You’ve destroyed completely. Back to the way it was before and quick about it.

  35. app only allows play option. downloaded an older version worked for a day then started not letting me download. all permissions are granted

  36. i have installed mplayer
    how to associate mplayer with megabox? it still prompt me to install
    please assist

  37. Hello megaboxhd creator . I want to thank you first for making this great app.
    .lately i can download movies from your app but then the download option dont appear anymore . I cant download movies . Pls fix this issue . Thanks

  38. Downloaded apk file and did all of the above, no option for download and ‘can’t play video’ for all movies and TV series. Was working uptill two weeks ago

  39. Has not been working for anyone i know or me for 4 days at least.
    Unable to play this video error

  40. How to update this app? Because I can’t download any of the movies I liked most.and aside from that I can’t also watch it’s video.

  41. Hey guys your app works fine for me but there is one major problem with the search feature. Whenever I search for a show or movie, it does not show any results. I have to scroll down through all the shows which are presented in the automatic lists to search for what I want to watch and even then it’s not possible to find it. Please fix the search feature. Also, how can I update the app if I need to?

  42. App used to work until phone updated to Android 7.0 and now the downloads will start but never complete. In Android 7.0 app settings there is no option to turn on permission for phone, only permission for storage and this may be the problem

  43. Megabox 103 works, you need to download the Mplayer, not MX player it don’t work with The MX, it also works with the Vplayer, just download a player on your Fire Stick & Megabox will play

  44. Im trying to play one f the sources but it needs a vid o player I have mv player installed but that’s not working which android video player is recommended to play megabox hd content ?

  45. My app isn’t working. I try to play a movie and the timer just spins. But nothing comes on the screen. It worked a few days ago. What happened?

  46. Please new movies Baahubali, Wesley Snipes movies add please.
    I like this app but listen me. 😊☺☺

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